Lately, I have been fascinated with researching the behaviors of Staff Engineers. They focus on having the highest possible impact on the organization. Generally, this means enabling and leveling up others around them over just concentrating on their personal contributions. As a Senior engineer, I still do a lot of designing and implementing instead of being primarily others-focused. However, I still try to pick up these behaviors and use them on the side when fitting.



Other books


  • StaffEng - Will Larson, interviews backing the StaffEng book
  • Big Ideas in App Architecture - the host David Joy is uplifting to listen to, such a genuinely positive/invested/empathetic/grateful person. Also great tech discussions!
  • Software Engineering Daily - hit or miss, a lot of times it is heavy on the product push even if the engineering content is there
  • The Changelog - laid-back, easy listening

Websites and Personal Blogs

Corporate Tech Blogs

(The ones I subscribe to on Feedly. I need more good ones, thinking of dropping the Product blogs.)